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Delivery in Canada expand access to legal cannabis

British Columbia is authorized to send non-medical cannabis to customers via conventional mail, other delivery services, and privately held cannabis shops.

The move will “create economic opportunities for retailers and place them on a more equal competitive footing with the province’s online retail platform administered by the bc liquor distribution branch (bldb), ” according to the provincial government of Canada.

The new rule became effective on July 8, 2022.

The executive director of the retail cannabis council of bc, jaclynn pehota, stated that private sellers “welcome this expanded delivery regime. “

“our members will find this to be a valuable tool. Our request was heard, and the administration obliged. Retailers will prosper and british columbians will continue to have a choice as customers if they know that the government supports and is promoting equity within the legal cannabis business, pehota continued.

According to mike farnworth, minister of public safety and solicitor general, “since federal legalization of non-medical cannabis, we have continued to search for methods to promote the cannabis business in our province while providing british columbians with safe and accessible options. “

“expanding the possibilities for delivery services not only promotes market equality, but it also gives consumers another incentive to purchase legal goods rather than illegal ones. “

Pesticides Issues

British Columbia submitted extracts from vape cartridges and illicit cannabis flowers to federal labs for testing, and the results showed that every sample had pesticides that were not permitted to be used in regulated cannabis.

The authorities declared that the study’s “key findings” show that pesticides are frequently utilized in the manufacture of illegal cannabis and that the advertised thc contents in illegal vape cartridges are exaggerated.

“this study adds to a growing body of evidence demonstrating that when you buy cannabis from the black market, you can’t be sure what’s in it, ” says one researcher.


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