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Surge in Portugal for Medicinal Cannabis

Portugal is emerging as a global hub for medicinal cannabis production, boasting 42 licensed companies—an increase of 8 from 2022, reflecting a growth of 23.5%.

However, the landscape is set to expand further, with an additional 150 entities in the licensing process, hinting at a significant uptick in national cannabis sector activity.

This year, Infarmed granted 76 new authorizations for cultivating, manufacturing, importing, exporting, and distributing cannabis. Currently, 24 companies hold cultivation licenses, 15 are authorized for manufacturing and preparation, 12 engage in wholesale trade, and 32 possess import and export licenses. Notably, 17 companies have achieved EU-GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certification.

Despite Portugal exporting over 5.4 tons of cannabis until August 2023, primarily to Germany, Poland, and Australia, medical professionals in the country prescribe cannabis sparingly. Only 524 packages of the available substance, Tilray Flor Seca with 18% THC, were prescribed.

The National Authority for Medicines and Health Products IP disclosed this data, and Cannareporter updated the map and lists of licensed companies with the latest statistics. It’s crucial to note that the map reflects the tax headquarters of these companies, not necessarily their cultivation or operational locations. Many companies hold multiple licenses for various cannabis-related activities.

New Entrants and Developments in 2023

Several new companies secured licenses for medicinal cannabis in Portugal in 2023, including Sun Light Greens, Belvedere Pharma, GBE Pharma, Canneurox Portugal (or Avextra), and Schroll Flavors, all making strides in cultivation. Noteworthy additions to the manufacturing sector include Somaí, Sociedade Agrícola Monte das Barrocas, Lda. (formerly involved in cultivation), Bluestabil, Blossom Genetics, ISQ – Instituto de Soldadura, and Technophage.

Jazz Pharmaceuticals France – Sucursal em Portugal, Alliance Healthcare, and Galaxiavertical joined the wholesale trade sector. Import and export experienced a surge in licenses, with Blossom Genetics, Canneurox Portugal (Avextra), Somaí, Sun Light Greens, Belvedere Pharma, GBE Pharma, Schroll Flavors, Galaxiavertical, and Jazz Pharmaceuticals France – Branch in Portugal securing licenses.

Seven new companies successfully obtained EU-GMP certification, including Bluestabil, Sociedade Agrícola Monte das Barrocas, Somaí, Cannprisma, ISQ – Instituto de Soldadura e Qualidade, Technophage, and Blossom Genetics.

Changes in the Landscape

While celebrating new entrants, it’s noteworthy that Clever Leaves discontinued operations in Portugal, resulting in the loss of all licenses. Tilray Portugal, while retaining certain licenses, is no longer listed for manufacturing plant-based substances and preparations. Additionally, three companies—Empifarma-Produtos Farmacêuticos, Medlog – Logística Farmacêutica, and Cooprofar – Cooperativa dos Proprietários de Farmácia—either lost or did not renew their licenses for wholesale trade.


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