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Cannabis exports from Portugal have increased by 570% in 2021

According to a report published this week in the Jornal de Noticias, cannabis exports from Portugal rose by 570% in 2021.

The volume of dried flower with moisture content equal to or less than 10% shipped in 2021 reached 30 tons, surpassing the 4.5 of 2020, an increase of about 600%, according to data from Portugal’s National Medical Authority Infarmed.

The Portuguese daily stated that because cannabis exports from Portugal between January and February had already reached 10 tons, “the value of exports should be exceeded this year.” Currently, just one cannabis derivative is available for purchase in pharmacies out of the 18 companies authorized to grow cannabis in Portugal (besides Sativex).

Since Portugal legalized medicinal cannabis in 2018, only Tilray has been able to secure a license to sell flowers with an 18% THC content in Europe.

ACM (Authorization to Place on the Market) applications for cannabis-based products are presently only being submitted for two different products: an oral solution and dried flower for spray inhalation.

Unable to say if the requests are for CBD, THC, or both, Infarmed told TOMORROW420 that both are awaiting responses from the seeking parties.

Infarmed has so far granted licenses to cultivate medical cannabis to 18 businesses, but is still awaiting inspection requests from another 80, which have already acquired pre-licenses to construct their growing units. Since then the most valuable route to the Portuguese market was via the importation of medicinal cannabis to Portugal, which countries like Canada was leading.


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