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TOMORROW420 was launched in 2006 with the intention of bridging communities with cannabis businesses, assisting corporate leaders with social responsibility programming, and laying the groundwork for racial fairness in the cannabis industry. This mission still guides the company today. The nationally renowned Cannabis Culture movement was born out of this consulting job.

We provide the most recent information on cannabis legalization, politics, technology, and changes in the news pertaining to both medical and recreational cannabis. Every day of the week, we promise to bring you the most significant cannabis news stories.

As we do since 2006, we will continue to make TOMORROW420 the best place to get international cannabis news online.

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Due to our efforts in social responsibility, TOMORROW420 was named one of the Top 500 Cannabis Companies in the United States, earning us multiple nominations for awards across the nation. We are happy to assist organizations like the Drug Policy Alliance, Women Grow, Cannabis Business Magazine, Minorities for Medical Marijuana, and the Minority Cannabis Business Association as strategic partners.

Thanks to you we were recently recognized by Forbes for having a significant influence on the sector through our pioneering work in social responsibility and racial fairness. Our work has also appeared in other cannabis-trade publications, including ABC News, The Star (Canada), Marijuana Business Magazine, Marijuana Moment, Pacific Standard, Colorado Public Radio, The Nonprofit Quarterly, CBS Local, and many more.