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Major Cannabis Operators Exit State Markets in 2023

In a noteworthy development, prominent cannabis multistate operators (MSOs) are navigating a changing landscape, divesting from certain states to enhance financial positions. A comprehensive update by Tomorrow420 reveals strategic moves by major MSOs, showcasing a trend of operational streamlining.

Florida-based Trulieve Cannabis and Chicago-based Cresco Labs, two of the nation’s largest MSOs, have recently exited specific state legal cannabis markets. This strategic shift aligns with broader industry efforts to fortify financial structures, responding to both economic challenges and the gradual progress of federal cannabis reform.

Cresco Labs’ “Year of the Core” Strategy

Cresco Labs, reporting $191 million in Q3 revenue, executed exits from Arizona and Maryland, emphasizing a focus on core markets. CEO Charlie Bachtell stated, “Our results demonstrate solid performance by continuing to execute on a strategy where we win in our core markets and with our core stores, core brands, and core products.”

Trulieve Cannabis adopted a proactive stance, divesting its three remaining California retail outlets and ceasing operations in Massachusetts. CEO Kim Rivers emphasized the company’s readiness for future growth catalysts, anticipating a more streamlined and efficient organization by the end of 2023.

Anticipation Builds Around Federal Rescheduling and Banking Reform

As the industry eagerly awaits federal reform, including the potential rescheduling of marijuana, MSOs are positioning themselves for the anticipated surge in investor interest. The SAFER Banking Act, pivotal for protecting financial institutions serving state-legal marijuana businesses, adds another layer of optimism, although its fate in the House of Representatives remains uncertain.

While political dynamics in the House introduce uncertainties, public support for marijuana legalization in the U.S. is at an all-time high. These evolving factors underscore the dynamic landscape in which cannabis MSOs are strategically recalibrating their operations for future opportunities.


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