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Metrc Shifts Focus to Enhance on Software UX

Metrc, the leading seed-to-sale tracking provider, has redefined its customer-centric approach under the leadership of CEO Michael Johnson. With a newfound emphasis on serving the 39,000 licensed cannabis companies, Metrc seeks to enhance usability, improve speed, and provide value to state-licensed cannabis businesses.

Previously, Metrc primarily catered to state governments, addressing unique compliance requirements and seed-to-sale tracking regulations. However, recent complaints about service delays, system outages, and user interface challenges prompted a shift in focus towards the cannabis licensees.

Metrc’s rapid expansion, now serving 23 state government contracts, has raised questions about a potential monopoly. Johnson clarifies that their contracts lie with individual states and that competitors like BioTrack and MJ Freeway also have state contracts, albeit fewer. Metrc’s success stems from its exclusive focus on track and trace solutions for the cannabis industry.

While Metrc has made strides in improving its software performance and accessibility, challenges remain in some regions, such as operator resistance in Oklahoma and compliance issues in Montana. The system relies on industry players to adhere to state rules, with regulators responsible for enforcement.

New Approach

Metrc’s commitment to customer service is exemplified by CEO Michael Johnson’s hands-on approach. He has personally engaged with customers by fielding their calls, allowing him to gain invaluable insights into the challenges faced by Metrc’s extensive user base, which numbers over 300,000. Johnson’s willingness to take direct customer feedback is a testament to the company’s dedication to continuous improvement.

The changing landscape of the cannabis industry has prompted Metrc to adapt and cater more to state-licensed cannabis businesses. Slow service, outages, and a cumbersome user interface were among the issues raised by users, prompting Metrc’s pivot towards enhancing the software’s user-friendliness. Their goal is to ensure that licensees find Metrc’s solutions more intuitive, efficient, and valuable in their daily operations.

Growth in Uncertain Environment

Metrc’s remarkable growth over the past few years has led to some concerns about market dominance. However, Johnson emphasizes that their contracts are with individual states, and competitors like BioTrack and MJ Freeway also hold state contracts. Metrc’s unique selling point is its unwavering focus on track and trace solutions tailored specifically for the cannabis industry.

Michael Johnson Metrc

Despite Metrc’s efforts to improve software performance and user accessibility, certain challenges persist in different regions. For instance, some operators in Oklahoma resisted the implementation of Metrc’s track-and-trace system. Notably, a lawsuit was filed in 2021, contesting the alleged creation of a monopoly by the state’s contract. While the lawsuit didn’t succeed, it highlights the varying perspectives within the industry regarding track-and-trace software. Nonetheless, regulators in states like Oklahoma remain committed to curbing illicit cannabis activities.

Looking Forwards

Metrc acknowledges that its software serves as a tool for compliance, but it doesn’t force users to follow every rule and regulation. Instead, it relies on industry players to adhere to the law and on regulators to enforce it when needed. The balance between compliance and the autonomy of industry participants is a constant challenge that Metrc and similar companies face in the ever-evolving cannabis landscape.

In summary, Metrc’s shift towards enhancing user experience for licensed cannabis businesses underscores its commitment to meeting the evolving needs of the industry. As the cannabis sector continues to grow and adapt, Metrc’s unwavering focus on improving its software’s usability and performance is key to helping licensees thrive in this dynamic environment.


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