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Why “GMP-Certified” cannabis production is the future of African cannabis

African cannabis industry leaders should approach compliance in a proactive manner rather than waiting for regulations to be met, whether they want to get access to the international cannabis market or just want to boost domestic sales. GMP compliance necessitates thorough records from each stage of the procedure. Cannabis management software that lessens this burden while upholding compliance should be considered by businesses. Consider finding out if the platform has a built-in quality management system module or has experience managing GMP clients when deciding which platform to use. You might not be able to continue to maintain GMP compliance if either of these questions receives a “no” response.

Why “GMP-Certified” Cannabis Production Is the Future

A set of rules known as good manufacturing practice (GMP) guarantees that pharmaceuticals satisfy high quality standards that consumers, businesses, and governments can rely on. These standards cover every facet of product manufacturing, including raw materials, the production site and machinery, employee training, and even personal hygiene.

Unexpected contamination of foods intended for consumption by humans could result in serious harm or even death. Incorrect container labeling may result in patients receiving the incorrect medication or dosage, and inadequate or excessive doses of an active ingredient may have a variety of negative side effects. Businesses must adhere to regulations as the cannabis industry expands internationally, whether they are based in California, Canada, or South Africa.

However, overseeing this level of quality control necessitates presenting evidence that groups regularly adhere to safe production procedures at each stage of the manufacturing process. Many hardworking cannabis firm owners are discouraged from moving toward GMP certification by this additional layer of regulations.

GMP-Certified Cannabis Production Might Affect the Cannabis Industry’s Financial Situation

Going GMP might potentially have long-term financial effects for cannabis businesses who are willing to put in the effort. When compared to inferior competitors who can’t boast any certifications, products with the GMP seal of approval provide the impression that the brand is more prestigious. Since people frequently spend money on peace of mind, these things normally sell for more money. GMP-Certified Cannabis Production is definitely good for business.

When consumers are insured by federal, state, or private insurance carriers, there may be more profit to be gained from increasing prescription income. In my experience, these providers frequently pay more than what medicinal cannabis would sell for on the open market, and the GMP accreditation is a sign of high-quality products suitable for use in hospitals.

Why EU-GMP Is Considered One of the Highest Standards Worldwide

Global cannabis firms must surpass production standards in order to gain access to the lucrative European market. It is not just a problem with cannabis; standardizing quality control based on EU GMP may be the only way for outsiders to gain access. Regardless of where production takes place, any manufacturer (or importer) of medicine intended for the EU market must adhere to GMP standards. If you wish to play the game in Europe, follow these guidelines. As numerous additional nations on nearly every continent have adopted these norms, the rest of the world is now doing the same.

Infarmed is a Portuguese regulatory body that oversees medicines and health products to guarantee the quality, safety, and efficacy of goods meant for human use. Infarmed is regarded as a forward-thinking regulatory organization in Europe. Vasco Bettencourt, the director of the Infarmed licensing division, discussed the importance of regulation in the industry during a speech at the 2022 Portugal Medical Cannabis Conference. Bettencourt discussed how regulations influence the licensing process during his remarks on the PTMC.

Be Prepared for the Global Cannabis Market and Don’t Fall Behind

In order to compete with other cannabis companies that have adhered to these criteria since legalization, businesses who are not ready to reach the global market may find it difficult. Past experiences with veteran African cannabis strains isn’t relevant in the Pharmaceuticals ways of today. Any company owner who wants to export their goods globally must improve their production methods. In other areas, such as Europe, operating cannabis enterprises without adhering to EU GMP is even prohibited.


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