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How to overcome the munchies when using cannabis

Many of us look forward to routinely using cannabis, whether we roll or bowl. Even though smoking is supposed to be a calming hobby, one side effect—getting the munchies—can be upsetting.

Why does weed make you hungry?

Cannabis can confuse brain signals, making you feel hungry when you should be full. And while many people, such as cancer patients, specifically seek out appetite-stimulating strains for their therapeutic purpose, those of us who have made vows to eat healthier or get in shape may not be as thrilled about gorging on six dishes of nachos.

Even if we laugh about them, the munchies can lose some of their amusement value if they start to interfere with your lifestyle goals and become a regular post-toke habit. Additional calories can result in weight gain and, if you raid the pantry at night, they can also cause indigestion, heartburn, and restless nights.

How can you stop them, then? The following eight tips can assist you in avoiding or lessening the affects of the munchies so you can continue to enjoy your cannabis use to the fullest and overcome this common issue.

1. Eat according to a schedule before lighting up

This applies to anyone who gets the munchies in the middle of the night, cannabis or not. You’ll probably experience hunger before going to bed if you don’t follow a regular eating routine. The rest, as they say, is history after you throw a little cannabis on top of that.

Set out times for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as snacks to keep you full in between meals, and follow it religiously. You’ll be far less likely to succumb to the munchie mania if you feel satisfied after these meals and snacks.

Make sure you aren’t overdoing it if you are eating infused edibles with your meal. Consider skipping the brownie or other sweet treat in favor of a healthier dish made with hemp coconut oil or another cooking oil. There are numerous solutions available that won’t make you gain excess weight.

2. Keep yourself active and busy

While high, it’s entirely acceptable to let your mind wander. However, if you find yourself daydreaming about munching on some weed, change your thoughts. When you start to think about a food, practice switching to something else.

Play video games, hang with Bob Ross, or design your ideal cannabis clubhouse—really, anything goes. As long as it’s okay to do them when impaired, these or any other go-to activities will work.

3. Get the taste out of your mouth

When you’re high, you can discover that you appreciate toothpaste and mouthwash for a variety of reasons. If you go for the jar, you’ll discover that non-minty flavors taste unpleasant when combined with your fresh breath. In addition to enjoying the minty freshness, it can also help you forget the idea of having another irresistible peanut butter cookie.

Fortunately, brushing your teeth is one of the safe tasks you can perform while high that was stated earlier.

4. Experiment with different strains

The sort of cannabis you’re ingesting has a big impact on whether or not you experience the munchies. Try a few different strains until you find one that better satisfies your non-snacking objective if you find yourself unable to suppress your taste receptors after smoking.

Check out our list of 10 munchie-banishing strain recommendations, or ask your budtender to help you discover something comparable. In particular, strains strong in CBD and THCV are fantastic for this.

5. Rid yourself of temptation…

Some of us believe that despite our best efforts, binge eating when intoxicated just won’t go away. Get rid of everything you’ll regret eating if you know you’re about to overeat. Do whatever it takes to prevent yourself from eating those terrible post-cannabis meals, such as not bringing any junk food into the house or deleting the pizza delivery man’s number.

6. Think on what to eat in case you have the munchies.

By keeping wholesome snacks and foods on available for when you’re plundering the kitchen cabinets, you may make this switch-up even more effective. Seriously, you’ll be astonished at how many quick, delectable options there are for healthy snacks.

In fact, after you try something new, like a tropical yogurt parfait, you might not even miss the leftover Chinese cuisine from yesterday or the microwaveable corn dogs.

7. Use the munchies to your advantage

Finally, if you can’t control your marijuana munchies, use them to your advantage. Perhaps you don’t enjoy eating leafy greens, despite their well-known health benefits, like spinach or kale.

When you’ve had a few bong hits, prepare something like a sautéed spinach frittata. While elevated, you’ll notice that it tastes much better, and your body will appreciate the addition of leafy greens to your diet.

Knowing yourself and your tastes is ultimately what matters, so try each of the aforementioned strategies to see which works best for you. Do what you can, but most importantly, try not to worry too much—after all, it kind of contradicts the purpose of using cannabis.


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